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Pacific Northwest Winter Weddings


The winter season is a time for reflection, family, and gratitude. The cold days and long nights give us a desire for a cozy atmosphere, surrounded by a sense of togetherness and familiarity. This is a season of tea lights, crackling fires, and lanterns all of which add an essence of something quite magical amidst the nakedness of the winter landscape. A need for sharing is strong; which is one of the perfect reasons to have a winter wedding.     

Why you ask? The answer is why not? There are many reasons why winter is the perfect time to have a wedding. The need for closeness with family and friends is already strong, so why not throw in an extra reason to be together and celebrate! You can do it in style, and save room in your budget at the same time. You’ll find that it’s much easier to get your dream weekend date, your vendors will be much less busy, and your money will indubitably go farther than it will in the spring and summer. You’re already anticipating an indoor ceremony, and your guests are too, so you need not worry about obsessively checking the weather forecast for your big day. One less thing to stress about.

Lighted trees, evergreens, pine cones, rich berry tones, brick floors, exposed wooden beams, warm fires, soft armchairs, tea lights and lanterns… all things that are inviting in the winter scene and add those elegant and rustic wintery touches without making your reception feel like a holiday party. There’s endless ways to transform Kiana into the perfect winter wedding space. Go classic with white and silver touches, or go trendy with deep rich colors (yes, navy is back in!). Throw in a warm beverage bar and some cozy knit blankets, or?        

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