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A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee

Way back when in 1989, a great tv show was born right here in Western Washington. The
who-dunnit murder mystery that is Twin Peaks has developed quite a following among the
30-somethings over the years. 28 years later, we here at Kiana, still meet people from all
over the world who come to tour our beautiful venue. A mix of the supernatural and the
traditional, the show explores the dark side of small town secrets. This younger generation may not know about Laura Palmer yet, but thanks to Showtime, they will soon get the chance to get to know the characters in the seemingly picture perfect town of Twin Peaks and Special Agent Dale Cooper. Brought back to life by Mark Frost and David Lynch, and many of the original cast members, they will learn about what makes the show so great. She’s dead..wrapped in plastic… Many scenes from the original show were filmed right here at Kiana; which will be featured in the new series as well. People from all over the world stop by to catch the behind the scenes glimpses of what makes the show so iconic. Our rustic Main lodge serves as much of the backdrop for the Great Northern Hotel and the Blue Pine Lodge (aka Josie, Pete, and Catherine’s house). Of course one cannot forget the famous log on the beach where the body of the town’s homecoming queen, Laura Palmer, washed ashore wrapped in plastic. 

The owls are not what they seem… Throughout the years, the Main Lodge here at Kiana has been remodeled a bit, but much the original character and scenic background still remains. The series opens up with a scene shot in the kitchen: Pete Martell looks out the window to discover Laura Palmer’s body. The giant butcher block is the most recognizable thing left from that scene. The dining room where the Norwegians met Audry has undergone a major transformation as well. The large fireplace, in fact, all of the fireplaces used are still here, as well as a lot of the background decor. It's just all arranged differently for the most part. The large Native Coastal Art wall murals painted by local artist Duane Pasco are perhaps the most easily recognizable background scenery aside from the waterfront and the log. They're something that provide such a unique backdrop to both Kiana and the lobby of the Great Northern. Pasco is also responsible for the totems that reside here, as well as one at Pioneer Square in Downtown Seattle.

One day, my log will have something to say about this… Please remember that we are a
private facility. We welcome and encourage anyone to stop by for a visit, however, we ask
that you give our paying clients their privacy and plan to visit when there are no events going on. We’d love for you to call ahead to check our schedule (360) 598-4311. The show is scheduled to premiere May 21st, 2017, so you still have some time to perfect that cup of brew and have a slice of cherry pie!

Here are a few excerpts from our guestbook for a little fun reading:
“This small present (referring to a book he wrote and donated to us) is not much compared
to the fond and lasting memories we have of your strange and wonderful place and the
pictures you gave me” -Stephan (France)

“Amazing place! Thank you Jay! Honored to be showed around. Keeping our fingers crossed
for the new series.” -Michael and Ann (Poland)

“Thanks for the great stories and generosity!” -Åge (Norway)

“I want to live here.” -Travis (USA)

“This has been the highlight of our trip. What a gorgeous place!” -Bradley and Jessica