May I use candles, balloons or any other types of decorations?

Yes, candles are allowed as long as every candle is in a glass container and the flame does not exceed the top of the glass. Balloons and other decorations are allowed. Nails, staples, or screw are not allowed to hang decorations. If you must hang decor that requires a ladder, you must provide the ladder due to OSHA regulations. 

How do I coordinate catering, rentals, and lighting?

All catering, chairs, tables, linens, china, glassware and silverware are coordinated by the Kiana Lodge team.  Outside food and beverage providers may not be used at Kiana Lodge.

Can I provide my own alcohol? Do you allow hard alcohol?

Kiana Lodge does NOT allow any outside alcohol, we do have a full bar liquor license and offer many different beverage packages. No self-service of alcohol is permitted as all alcohol must be served by a Kiana Lodge staff member. Kiana Lodge is required to follow all Washington State Liquor Laws.

May you recommend a good DJ/bakery/Florist/etc.?

We are happy to make recommendations for the third-party vendors that have been successful here in the past.  You are also welcome to use your own third-party vendors. 

Are sparklers, rice, confetti or wishing lanterns allowed?

For the safety of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Kiana does not allow sparklers, rice, confetti or wishing lanterns. We are open to any fun alternatives for end of the night getaways. Kiana Lodge does allow firework shows performed by a verified vendor who has proper licensing.  

How many people can kiana ACCOMODATE?

Kiana Lodge can accommodate up to 350 guests for weddings.

do you have any lodging at Kiana lodge?

We do NOT have lodging at Kiana Lodge. Our sister property the Clearwater Casino Resort offers your guests a 15% discount on booked rooms. Kiana Lodge paired with the Clearwater Casino Resort also provides a complimentary shuttle for your guests. The Clearwater Casino Resort also provides morning after brunches, rehearsal dinners, and much more. 

Do I have to have event insurance, and if so, where can I get it?

Insurance is NOT required to book an event at Kiana Lodge. Kiana carries it's own insurance, but if you would like to purchase additional you may do so. There is multiple event insurance plans and you may be able to book a policy through your normal insurance company. 

What kind of deposit does Kiana lodge require to secure my event?

Kiana Lodge requires the full Lodge Rental Fee as a nonrefundable deposit. The remaining payment is due 10 business days before your wedding. 

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