Mother’s day is a day to honor and celebrate the women that have shaped and inspired us throughout the years. They’re strong, strong willed and have made many sacrifices that have shaped us into the adults we are today. Whatever she’s done for you, it’s cause to celebrate her. Whether or not you choose to start the day off early, or sleep in, treat her to brunch at beautiful Kiana.

You can’t go wrong with a setting as gorgeous as this. Did you know, Kiana partners with Kenmore Air to offer a mother’s day to remember? Based on the shores of Lake Union in Seattle, they offer a scenic seaplane ride across the waters Puget Sound. It is certainly a way to make an entrance and make it an adventure to remember. For those who have been here to experience Kiana, you know the walk up from the dock is a magical experience in itself. For those of you who haven’t, it’s almost like a gift for the senses. Not only do you get the sights of the gardens along the waterfront, but you get the aromas of fresh rosemary and lavender among the sea air.  

If mom is not a fan of flying a brunch day at Kiana is simply a beautiful event to experience as well. We have an extensive menu filled with goodies for everyone to enjoy as much as the sights! Relax and enjoy the day in a laid back atmosphere and get your resting brunch faces on!