A few of our staff here briefly recounts a few of their favorite wedding stories

Working in the wedding industry, you see a ton of weddings. Each and every one is different in it’s own way. Even if you have the exact same setup and decorations; no two are alike. Industry professionals who have done hundreds, if not thousands of weddings, will remember something from each one, whether it be a person, a colour, or some sort of minute detail. The memories come flooding back with the particular link that binds them together, and there are just some that will stick with you forever. Here are a few of our favorite wedding memories that will stick with us here at Kiana:  

My most favorite wedding memory comes from quite a few years ago. I was bar-tending a wedding for an older couple from the LGBTQ community. It was a relaxed morning crowd of about 60 people who had come out to celebrate their commitment to each other (prior to the legalization of gay marriage). It had just been a quiet and relaxed day. They went through their first dance as a couple and at the end, they took off their tuxedo jackets to reveal matching flame shirts, and suddenly broke into a group flash mob dance to the YMCA. I was almost in tears because it was so adorable, fun, and exciting for their guests. Everyone absolutely loved the element of surprise. It was as exciting and fun for the staff to watch as it was for everyone else. -Lynnette, Banquet Captain

My favorite themed wedding memory is one that I will never forget. The bride and groom were very big Twin Peaks fans and decided to recreate a scene from the premier episode of Twin Peaks TV show. The bride wrapped herself in plastic head to toe with her beautiful white wedding dress on and laid next to “Laura’s Log” on the beach of Kiana. They also had cherry pie, donuts for desserts and little touches of Twin Peaks throughout the décor. It is always fun to experience weddings that are non- traditional. -Sonya, Office Manager (previous Event Manager)

A simple ordinary looking wooden box arrives with the groom’s frail and elderly grandmother a little before the ceremony is to begin.  The groom extends a truly warm greeting to his grandmother, very excited she is able to be with him on his wedding day. She gently opens the box, inside lays a beautifully dried and preserved single white rose boutonniere. This boutonniere was the groom’s grandfathers that he wore on his wedding day some 50 years ago while marrying the love of his life.  The boutonniere was carefully pinned to the groom with a lot of emotions as you can probably imagine. The groom was very close to his grandparents and had lost his grandfather a few years earlier. The grandfather was most certainly present and part of the groom’s special day. -Pamela, Event Manager

Sometimes, even the smallest details make the biggest impact. What will be yours?