Open houses are very important for both perspective and and already signed couples to get a good feel of what their venue has to offer them for their special day. As a couple, you gain a good understanding of the importance of the finer details that will make their vision a reality. From table layout to the ceremony location; it is a place for all those unasked questions, and to learn more about property characteristics. On the flip side, it is also important for the venue to showcase a perfectly staged room, the food and beverages that they do best, and to provide an opportunity for you to meet their most preferred vendors and what they will add to the atmosphere of the party.

Our annual wedding open house here at Kiana Lodge is as much fun for the staff and vendors as it is for our clients. We love a good party, and truly enjoy showcasing what our beautiful venue has to offer our wedding couples. Our team here at Kiana would like to thank each and every one our couples who made it out to our open house this past Saturday. You’re the ones who made it a success! Our sales team really enjoyed getting to know you and grab a snapshot of what your vision is for one of your most important events. We really do enjoy having our fans experience Kiana at it’s finest. Online photos cannot capture the true magic that you experience in person, but we’d love to share some of our favorites anyway. Here’s to our couples for 2017!