Despite it’s reputation for being something that is.. Well.. bothersome, team building is actually of significant importance to your company. After spending the last several months studying effective human relations in the workplace, I have come to find team building to be a very real and very important factor in the workplace. The topic has also become very important to me, because, in the past,  I have personally witnessed the devastating effects a dysfunctional team can have on the workplace. Allow me to be clear here, I am not an expert on the subject, nor will I pretend to be. What I can offer you is a small fraction of all the information I have compiled over the last several months, and the perfect location for your team to meet at. Now down to the nitty gritty, or the interconnected views that I find very relevant to the subject.


●       Trust is the number one foundation for true, effective teamwork. People waste so much time and energy creating false harmonies in the workplace, it’s time we ditch the facade and engage with some truth and self awareness.. even our vulnerabilities


●       Conflict is healthy!  Without it, we couldn’t get anywhere without open debate and people expressing their opinions. Those who need to assert their strong opinions are allowed to do so, and they provide the detailed information to back their statements up.


●       True Commitment begins with joint transparency. Those who come together to formulate decisions, do so as a team, and with transparency. This is not about consensus, or people agreeing for the sake of agreeing. It is about bringing forth the data to support the cause and ensuring each teammate is able to weigh in on the subject.


●       The success of a team is being clear on its standards. It is up to the leader to set the tone, or the standard for the group. However, it’s up to the group to hold one another accountable, and accept it when they are held accountable individually. The team will likely respond by pushing themselves harder and challenge themselves.


●       Learn to look at your goals like a sports game. Remember each member plays a role in contributing to the win or loss. Through good communication, concise goals, and a little trust, the team will be rewarded for their efforts. If they are a true team, they will be able to express their vulnerability and accept the loss and learn from the experience. 


It’s not the size of the company that keeps it competitive, it’s how well your team functions that really drive the success of your organization. This is something that requires consistent effort, as it is always a delicate balance of egos and recognition for some, but the end result is nothing short of amazing.

Now for the sales aspect.. We can provide an amazing, private space for your team building meeting. There’s honestly not a more beautiful space I can think of that offers the privacy we do. There’s all sorts of different ways you can customize your team building offsite. If I got into that, this blog would be way too long! Seriously.. I can write for days about ways to use Kiana. However, I can honestly tell you that you will find it hard to leave once you've arrived! So please, stop on by, we’d love to work with you!