So you’ve decided to go against the norms and have yourself a wintertime wedding! The season is filled with gatherings, celebrations, and traditions; so why not throw a wedding into the mix of it all? 


Need help on colour solutions? Everyone associates winter with red and green. However, there’s so much more in the colour palette you can play with to make your wedding not feel like one of the countless holiday parties that fill the season.


Go Bold

Winter is a time that’s often associated with darkness. Deep shades are still the perfect complement to the season. Bold has been on the rise in the last few years in general. Deep shades of burgundy, navy blue, and even purple are a great compliment to a dark winter’s night. When the landscape is lacking, use colour to fill it up. It will help you stand apart from the crowd. If you feel like a bold coloured tablecloth is too much for the space, try neutralizing it with a soft ivory or white and save the boldness for the napkins or accent pieces such as flower vases, coloured votives, or even boldly coloured vintage water goblets if that’s your thing. It will go a long way, trust me. 


Metallic accents

Wintertime spaces are naturally cozied up with lots of candlelight. Why not highlight that candlelight with metallic accents? Silver and gold are always a classic, elegant touch to weddings any time of the year; but have you thought about bronze, copper, or champagne? Go with frosted for a more wintery touch by adding sheer metallic fabrics as an overlay or a runner over your tablecloth.  


And if you want to go classic..

Dove grey or silver with garlands of green and white and gold accent pieces make for the perfect wintery “naked” look on a white table cloth. It doesn’t scream holiday party in the slightest, and is sure to add elegance to any room.    

White rose and poppy bouquets with frosty eucalyptus and pale pink accents are a good way to supplement big, bold holiday-ish colours such as red, teal or navy.