Winter Weddings

Winter is my favorite season for a wedding. Since fewer weddings take place during these chilly months, yours will naturally stand out, and there are so many wonderful ways to embrace the season! Here, check out five things you can only get away with at a winter wedding.

Make it Snow

Okay, so you can't actually control the weather (and you probably wouldn't want a snowstorm to hit on your wedding day anyway!). But you can make it "snow" as you walk down the aisle:


It gives off such a magical effect, yet it'd look a little silly during any other time of the year.

Get Cozy

While summer brides are busy worrying about how to sweat-proof their makeup and how to avoid overheating in their ballgowns, you get to wrap yourself in a luxurious cape, wear a cute sweater over your dress, or skip the heels in favor of comfy boots under your dress.


Heat Things Up Behind the Bar

You may want to forego the tropical frozen drinks, but the winter replacements are even better! Create a make-your-own-hot-chocolate bar, filled with all kinds of mix-ins — like candy canes, cinnamon sticks, marshmallows, and chocolate chips — and top it off with flavored alcohol that'll enhance the taste, like RumChata and Pinnacle Salted Caramel. You can also serve mulled apple cider, hot toddies, and spiked coffee drinks.



Expand Your Honeymoon Options

It's an unfortunate coincidence that peak wedding season (May-September) coincides with peak hurricane season, especially in the Caribbean. But the winter is the perfect time to make a tropical escape! Leave the snow and ice behind, and enjoy perfect beach weather every day on your romantic retreat.


Score Free Décor

Take advantage of the holiday season! If you plan your wedding near a big holiday — like Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's Eve, or Valentine's Day — there's a good chance your venue will already have some decorations in place. When meeting with your venue, ask when and how they decorate for the holidays so that you only have to worry about filling in the gaps (like centerpieces).