Kiana has so much to be thankful for this season. We’ve experienced so many changes in the last year, it’s made our heads spin. From a new food and beverage team, to new management, to a big increase in weddings, we’re so grateful for every last one of these events that have transpired and so much more. With 2018 gone, and a great kickoff to 2019 it’s been a heck of a year already, with so much more to come. Reflecting on the spirit of thanksgiving and the season of gratitude, we thought we’d take a moment to think about the things Kiana is truly thankful for, and looking forward to in a fresh new year..

 As our thanksgiving and holiday season were sell outs and our weddings have wound down, Kiana would like to kickoff the season of gratitude by thanking our staff, both old and new. Our manager, Brittany, came to our team in January 2018. Her invigorating demeanor, her fresh outlook, and her warm smile have made her such a wonderful addition. Our sales team works tirelessly through thick and thin to make our wedding couples dreams come true, and our corporate clients returning for more. Our food and beverage team, led by Dave and Ceasar, are nothing short of marvelous. Their experience and skill have truly embodied what makes Kiana so special. Our garden and maintenance team are simply responsible for the magic of the buildings and the outdoors. Through their work with local nurseries, Kiana comes alive. Lastly, our servers and bartenders are the true backbone. Their friendly service and warm smiles are the icing on the cake. Young and old alike, they’re the best representation of Kiana and its core value of spectacular service.

            Aside from the staff, we’d love to thank our most important members:YOU, from twin peak looky-loos, to our regular corporate clients, to our wonderful wedding couples, you’re the ones who we’re the most thankful for. We’ve enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you. We wouldn’t be in this business without you! We’ve experienced a record breaking year last year, in more areas than one. We’re hoping for an even better year yet to come. So, reflecting on that note, we’d like to raise our hands to you in gratitude, and wish you all the best for the year to come.

Cheers to a great new year!