Everyone meet our mascot, Graycee. This 7-pound bundle of grey adopted us one dark and cold night in December. Hungry and wet, she quickly warmed up and became a part of the Kiana family. While she typically remains scarce for events, you may perhaps catch a glimpse of her making her rounds of the property, or riding around in the golf cart with the gardeners. You may even be lucky enough to be graced by her appearance at your event if she so chooses; as she’s a very choosy girl. She has quickly become an Instagram sensation, and has casually worked her way into more than a few wedding and guest photos as well as those of many of our staff. Her piercing yellow eyes and her petite stature steal the show and your heart. She can suck the stress out of any situation, and turn most people into baby-talking ooher-goohers! She’s marvelous with kids too! If you see her, be sure to say hello!

Gracie 1.png
Gracie 1.png.jpg