While we may currently be in a winter wonderland, wedding trendsetters are looking ahead to the spring and summer wedding seasons for hot upcoming styles and ideas, especially when it comes to the food and drinks.

In order to avoid the cost of an open bar as well as highlight the bride and groom’s personalities, more couples are instead choosing to serve their favorite unique and delicious cocktails. They can reflect your personality, your heritage, or even just your favorite flavors.

Once things start warming up, another expected trend, especially for outdoor weddings, is the "grown-up" popsicle, using fresh fruit juice to turn your favorite cocktail into a whimsical frozen treat, perfect as a mid-dance refresher! When it comes to cake, the new trend is "less is more," with "naked" cakes that eschew the outer layer of frosting and instead are simply adorned with berries or fresh flowers, creating a homey, rustic look that fits right in with the aesthetic of Kiana Lodge, from our main lodge to the gorgeous waterfront area.