We're gearing up for wedding season here at Kiana. Soon, the room will be filled with candlelight, the fresh scent of floral bouquets lining the tables, and the sound of light-hearted conversation from guests as they dine. Every year there are trends that we try to look for to help our wedding couples plan their special day. You've already narrowed down your venue, but you still need some help with the finer details such as what color scheme to go with or what your floral arrangements are going to look like. Here’s some of the hot new trends that we’re already seeing for 2017, so you can get a sense of how to customize your day to wow your crowd.

     If I may, I’d like to add a few pointers to help you along on your planning journey. First, Pinterest is not exactly your best friend. It’s a nice resource to use to get ideas, however, proceed with caution. Haven't you ever tried to recreate something and it turned out to not be even close to what the photo? Some work is best left to the professionals; don't stress yourself out more than you already are. Next, I’d use only what works in your space... You wouldn’t design your wedding like you wouldn't design a house. Sticking with neutral table cloth colors will go a long way in making your centerpieces and tableware pop. Saving the color for the tabletops will go much further, and won't run the risk of being too much in the space, or too washed out. Third, less is more. Sure, you have all these amazing ideas floating around of how you want your wedding space to look, but remember folks, simple can be elegant too. It will help tremendously with time and budget. The better organized you are, the happier those who are there to help with your decor will be, and the less time you'll spend stressing over the look of your tables. Now here's a look at what to expect for 2017 decor.

     First, the outdoors and nature inspired decor has worked its way into the scene. Couples are tending to choose venues that are full of natural light and elements like wood and stone. We're seeing more of the outdoors coming in through tons of greenery and hanging florals. Arbors made up of or incorporating natural elements such as birch or driftwood and flowers surrounded by heavy greenery have made their way onto the scene as well. Even if you don't use them at your ceremony site, they make a beautiful addition to the backdrop of a sweetheart table.

     From shiny copper Mercury candle votives down to silver threads and beading in your dress, Metallics are huge this year. They're full of versatility, and add a sense of wow to any setting. Dressed up or down, they add the right amount of flare without being too bold. Just make sure not to use too much... Remember, everything in moderation.

     Soft is a texture that represents love. Soft petals from flowers like hydrangeas, peonies or roses, paired with the soft color of eucalyptus or ferns allow you to add even more bold color to your table, as they soften the harshness. They can allow you to add a few whimsical elements such as colored stemware or vases, a colored bread plate, or a boldly colored napkin. Smoky or slate blue hues are becoming more and more popular recently.

     Another thing we're seeing less and less of in recent years is the disappearance of a wedding cake. More and more couples are ditching the traditional three-tiered colored fondant and going bare... Yes, nearly naked cakes are on the rise, as well as dessert buffets. Many are sticking with the traditional cake cutting ceremony by having a small ceremonial cake, or even a large doughnut to cut. We've seen everything from doughnuts to mini custard tarts with fresh berries. Couples have really made it their own recently. It helps tremendously with cost also, as you don't have to have a large quantity of one thing. You can go with a wide variety of dessert options. Add some fresh fruit and berries or some chocolate milk, and it's guaranteed to be talked about!

     Late-nite snacks are on the rise too. After all that dancing and fun, your guests are guaranteed to work up another appetite. Who could resist mini tacos or even some mini hotdogs? They're the perfect addition to the late night party, and will keep the energy up and lasting till the very end. Mini Seattle dogs are, in my mind, the best thing since sliced bread, and perfect for a late night party. Ask any Seattle resident, and they'll agree with me on this!

     Finally, after all the fun is wrapped up and you've eaten your fill at brunch, what better way to send off your most important friends/family than going on a local nature hike or day-after photo shoot. We've been asked by so many of our couples about local trails or natural wonders in the area, that I've comprised a list of everything within a two-hour radius of Kiana (because there are just some places I just can't leave off of it). From the not-so-outdoorsy to the avid hikers, there's something on the list for everyone's age and ability. We live in such a beautiful and scenic area, it's hard to leave. From beaches to mountains, Kiana is centered in the heart of it all.