Ah, weddings -a family affair. Something traditionally held in your parents living room, has evolved into an extravagant affair held elsewhere in a beautiful ballroom or at a place with scenic setting. Planning a wedding is also planning a delicate balancing act between keeping your guests and you happy. If you're looking for a far more relaxed atmosphere on your big day, you should certainly consider a morning wedding.

There are numerous benefits to this you’ll find. First off, you’ll find that your venue will be far more available; especially on the most coveted day, Saturday -which typically books out years in advance. You will find that the perfect place for your perfect day will have a much more perfect price for your less-than perfect budget -more money to spend on the perfect dress! You may also find out that your most preferred vendors will have more availability and most likely, better rates for helping you create perhaps some of the most cherished memories of your life.

Now, back to that balancing act as I mentioned before. And, trust me, this can be stressful! The traditional work week here in America consists of the days Monday through Friday -unless you're in the memory making business, like we are.. That's when things get a little, well, non-traditional.. You'll figure most of your out-of-towners will fly in on a Thursday or Friday depending on what your plans are with rehearsal times and/or dinner. Remember, they want to be there for you, and you want them to be there for you also, but why not give them some extra time for a little sight-seeing in addition to seeing you also. Especially right here in Western Washington, there's endless things you can go see and do in one afternoon, before you head back for the daily grind. Everyone deserves a mini-vacation once in awhile.

When you're busy outside taking all those perfectly staged photos, keep your guests entertained with lawn games and activities. They make such a fun addition, and will keep your guests mingling and distracted while you get all the important stuff in. Cornhole, Ladderball, and Lawn Jenga have been very popular in recent years, and you can also throw in a little Bocci Ball or even some Croquet for the older generations to enjoy. The weather is amazing here during the summer, and trust me, your guests will want to enjoy more time outside, especially before it gets a little too hot out. Speaking of temperatures, a 10 or 11 o'clock ceremony will be considerably more comfortable for everyone involved: both guests and wedding party! One thing we typically stress to our groomsmen especially, is to not lock your knees while you're standing during the ceremony, or you will most certainly faint! I'm serious here.. Full-dress in full-sun will not only leave you hot, but it can also leave you wondering why you're lying on the ground.

So, ladies and gentlemen, get your resting-brunch-faces on, and relax a little on your big day. Everyone loves a good wedding that can be as much about them as it is about you. With a more laid-back atmosphere, you don't have to worry as much about keeping your guests as structured as you will have to be. With more outside time, comes more things to be entertained with. You also don't have to worry about offending those who wish to bring their kids, as there will be plenty of time and room to run and play. You're definitely going to save yourselfsome money, and also, some stress. Besides, who doesn't love brunch? Make your brunch-date complete, uncomplicated, and classy by offering a simple mimosa bar with different juices and fruit to choose from; or a Bloody Mary bar with different flavors of infused vodka to choose from. We have a chili-pepper vodka that'll knock your socks off! No brunch day would be complete without such classic staples. These will help save you money if you decide to host your bar as well. If Bloody Mary's or mimosas aren't your thing, you can certainly go full or limit to beer and wine. It's always five o'clock somewhere. You can continue your celebration late on into the night with a barbecue or a house party as well, so you and your guests have even more time to shake your groove thing. The kids and Granny can opt out and seek refuge when they get tired.