Of the emerging trends for 2016 weddings, one major theme has been individuality. No longer following the crowds, couples are doing weddings in ways that are unique to them, including more unconventional bridal gowns with dramatic detailing, long sleeves, even some appliques.

Bridesmaids are also getting in on it, instead of all having to fit into the same-shaped dress, more weddings are opting for bridesmaids choosing their own dresses that share a cohesive color palette with the rest of the wedding party.

This trend continues to into elements like refreshments as well, with the food and beverages reflecting the couples’ history or interests, like craft beer and sliders for the sports tailgaters or even sandwiches from a favorite deli. No matter what you decide for your wedding, at Kiana Lodge, we’ll work with you to make sure your wedding day is uniquely your own.